Twitter InfoGraphr

Twitter InfoGraphr is an infographic generator that creates personalized infographics of your user habits on Twitter. Simply type in your Twitter username, or somebody else’s username, and Twitter InfoGraphr will show you how you use Twitter.


How does it work?

Twitter InfoGraphr is a PHP-based web app, which uses the Twitter REST API and the Google Charts API, and a MYSQL database in the back-end, in order to generate your personalized infographics. This app pushes the latest technologies in web design and development with the aggressive use of CSS3 techniques including rounded corners, gradients, text- and box- shadows, transformations and @font-face custom font embedding to deliver your personalized Twitter statistics in the way that infographics are meant to be.

Feedback on this project

That is EPIC!! Works great and looks amazing!! You rock Cheryl!
– @carlos

Used it on iPhone 3. Love the tool, very cool and gorgeous!
– @derekwhyte

Twitter InfoGraphr generated infographic
Twitter InfoGraphr css3 effects
Twitter InfoGraphr close-up on graphs
Twitter InfoGraphr custom error messages