MC & IT Website Usability Testing

This was one of my favourite projects while working over the summer at FCV, an award winning interactive agency located in Downtown Vancouver. The Canadian Tourism Commission recently redesigned their Meetings Conventions & Incentive Travel (MC & IT) website and contracted FCV to conduct usability testing in order to further improve their site. You can read about the full project at the FCV website.


Comprehensive usability studies

We first conducted a set of usability expert reviews on the CTC and other competitor websites. Based on these reviews, we created test scenarios and invited meeting planners and incentive buyers from the United States and the United Kingdom to participate in our remote usability studies.

There were actually two studies scheduled back-to-back: a remote un-moderated test for a first look at the website’s navigations, followed by the remote moderated test which dived deeper into the functionality of the website.

We started off the un-moderated online test using screenshots taken from the website. The participants were asked to answer a set of questions by clicking on different locations on the screenshot. Here’s a sample question: “If you were planning on hosting a conference in Canada, where would you click first?” Mouse clicks from the participants were captured and we analyzed the click and task duration data. Did the participants clicked on the expected locations? Would they be able to find the information if this was an actual website? Was the information easy or difficult to find (as determined by user comments and task duration) ?

Using some of the preliminary results from the un-moderated study, we refined our test scenarios for the moderated test. We recruited and scheduled participants to connect remotely to our usability testing setup from their home or office. Then we have them show us, through screensharing, how they would complete the tasks on the website and listened to their thoughts and comments on what worked and didn’t work for them.

The project spanned 3 months, resulting in two usability review documents, a usability test report and a final presentation which outlined 26 usability issues within the MC & IT website. CTC were pleased with our study results and will be taking our recommendations to improve usability of their site.

MC & IT moderated usability test script