iQmetrix interaction design & prototyping

I worked on the new Platform project at iQmetrix, a software provider in the wireless retail management space. Due to the numerous integration points involved, complexity builds up quickly. I have been creating user flows, wireframes and prototypes to help get everyone on the same page.


Rapid, Iterative Design

Everybody talks about integrating Agile methodology into their work flow, but what does Agile mean for Design? At iQmetrix, we balance up-front “high level strategy” design with iterative “fail-fast” UI testing.

We still start off with strategic design plans that translate into requirements, user flows and the initial set of wireframes. We then start testing as soon as possible with paper prototypes, click through prototypes and finally building functional prototypes in HTML/CSS and JavaScript.

iQ Platform - screen flow

Prototypes as a starting point for discussion

We use prototypes at iQmetrix to illustrate complex interactions and as a starting point for discussions with our stakeholders and developers.

For our project stakeholders, the prototypes allows them to envision the overall experience. We then run through possible scenarios to ensure all requirements are covered and the interaction flows makes sense.

We then demo the prototypes to our developers so they can understand the desired experience. Using this tool as a baseline, we can discuss the details of how we can implement the design to deliver the intended experience.