Function Point user-centric design process

Function Point

In 2014, I was brought in as the first designer in Function Point to work with stakeholders to envision and embark on the product
redesign journey.

Since then, I have worked closely with product managers, developers and testers in implementing the new user-centric iterative design and development process. This ensures we deliver useful and desirable solutions to streamline creative agency workflows and help our customers stay profitable.

iQmetrix interaction design & prototyping


I worked on the new Platform project at iQmetrix, a software provider in the wireless retail management space. Due to the numerous integration points involved, complexity builds up quickly. I have been creating user flows, wireframes and prototypes to help get everyone on the same page.

Patient Health Record Redesign


This is a challenge created by the USA Veterans Affairs medical organization, the White House and Designer Fund to rethink how we can more effectively present a patient‘s medical history to people. Currently, the system prints out these ”reports“ that resembles receipts from the 90s and are difficult to read and understand. This challenge is to redesign the layout of these such that everybody: patients, family members and health professionals can quickly and easily find information they need and so they can make better health decisions.

Sleeman CMS wireframes


Sleeman Breweries Ltd. needed a content management system (CMS) for creating and running contest-based campaigns on FaceBook to increase their brand awareness. I was involved in designing the wireframes and user flow for this project whiling working at Idea Rebel.