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My Design Approach for the Health Design Challenge – Part I


My submission to the Health Design Challenge is now publicly viewable! View it here. What’s the Health Design Challenge? This is a challenge created by the USA Veterans Affairs medical organization, the White House and Designer Fund to rethink how we more effectively present a patient’s medical history to people. Currently, the system prints out… read more

Things I’ve learned while designing interactions across multiple mobile platforms


So I’m currently on my 6-week practicum at Idea Rebel, an interactive agency in Vancouver Gastown. Last week, I was working on the interaction flow for a mobile application project. This was my first experience designing an app that will be available on iPhones, Androids and BlackBerries. I would like to share the things I’ve… read more

What is user experience?


I’m going to talk about UX, but here’s a great animation explaining IA, that you don’t want to miss. User Experience Design User experience design, according to Wikipedia, is a field of experience design that pertains to the creation of the architecture and interaction models that impact user experience of a device or system. The… read more